Welcome to the Farm

Griffith Farms, Inc. - our roots began during the Oklahoma Land runs, and the removal of Indian tribes to Oklahoma.

Today, Griffith Farms is a thriving beef cattle operation focusing our efforts on raising the highest quality Angus and Brangus grass fed beef.

Our beef cattle graze on a variety of grasses including native buffalo, bermuda, blue stem, wheat grass, and more...


Our cattle are grass fed and grass finished; no antibiotics, no hormones.

It is our intent to bring the highest quality beef to your kitchen tables.
Our website is in it's fledgling stages. Please check back from time to time. We will be adding more about Griffith Farms, Inc., in the coming days...
Contact Us:

Contact Griffith Farms, Inc:

Corporate Office
7013 N.W. 60th
Bethany, Oklahoma 73008
(405) 721-2971
or email questions to: